30 pictureees part 1

1. Your Facebook profile photo

2. a photo of yourself a year ago

3. a photo that makes you happy

4. a photo of the last place you went on holiday

  srri väga ära töödeldud pilt!!
5. a photo of you

6. a photo that makes you laugh

7. a photo of someone you love


8. a photo of your favorite band/musician
9. a photo of your family
Kahjuks ei leidnud sobivat;D Pole meil selliseid "perepilte" tehtud eriti.
10. a photo of you as a baby


11. a photo of your favorite film(s)
12. a photo of you

13. a photo of your best friend(s)

14. a photo of one of your favorite family member

15. a photo of you and someone you love

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